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Nyamwezi Gourd (N° 25150)

The dried fruit of the calabash tree, on which a wooden stopper has been adapted, composes this refined container. The pupils are encrusted with pearls and simple circular ears frame the pulled-back hairstyle. Braided raffia strap.
The Luo, Kuria, Haya and Ziba, the Kéréwé, Karagwé, Sukuma and Nyamézi are established in the center west and the central region of Tanzania. The Nyamwezi, Nyamézi,("western people" and sometimes "moon people ") form the largest group among the tribes living in north central Tanzania. Coming from diverse origins, although sharing the same cultural specificities, their ritual and artistic production consequently presents very different formal aspects. The cult of ancestors and chiefs, of major importance within their culture, marked their statuary.  


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OriginEx-collection belge
Material(s)calebasse, wood, raphia
Height cm29
Width17 cm
Weight0.17 Kg
Estimated datingcirca 1960

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