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Bamileke Bangwa Kunga Mask (N° 13639)

The most African bamileke masks are face masks, unlike bamoun masks intended to be placed on the head. They are the members of the " companies Mandjong" and " Lali" who use them during their dances. Several types of masks are listed: zoomorphic masks, usually buffalo, cephalomorphic but with horns, janiform masks, masks with a tiara-like crown, and masks evoking a blower with large bulging cheeks. Some are dressed in natural hair braids, such as our copy, which displays a thick hair composed of black hair and human hair to which various greys are added: toucan skull and ossicles, all fixed on a thick canvas nailed to the contours of the mask. Black-brown satin patina on which ochre pigments remain. Desication cracks. Missing on an eyelid. Located in the border region of Nigeria, the northwestern province of Cameroon, le Grassland is made up of several ethnic groups: Tikar, Anyang, Widekum, Chamba, Bamoun and Bamileke. Several centralized chiefdoms, or kingdoms, based on customary associations, secret societies, are organized around the Fon which would have broad supernatural powers including that of being able to turn into animals such as python, elephant, leopard, or buffalo. A religious leader, he is also a judge and warlord. His position, however, includes many obligations that he had to fulfil in order not to be put to death. Source: " The Bamilekes" R. Lecoq  

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Originex-collection Cordier
Material(s)wood, human hairs, plant fibre, fer,osselets
Height cm38
Width25 cm
Weight1.75 Kg
Estimated dating1ère halfxx°
Socle inclusOptional

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