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Ogbom Eket Dance Crest (N° 16965)

Ex-collection African tribal art Polargo USA 1955 - Mercier Belgium 1978.
This anthropomorphic figure of balanced proportions is depicted frontally, perched on a promontory whose base with holes allowed to fix the basketry and fabrics that concealed the dancer. The semi-flexed legs evoke the tribal dance mbobo of the girls during the ceremonies of the Ogbom , taking place in front of the altar at the end of periods of confinement. This danced ritual was dedicated to the deity of the earth named Ala in the Igbo , and Isong in the Ibibio. The masks were then kept near the chimney ducts of the huts in order to be protected from insects. Glossy dark patina, localized abrasions. Ex. Belgian collection Mercier.The Eket, established in southeastern Nigeria, are a subgroup of the Ibibio ethnic group known for its expressive masks. It is a patrilineal society whose villages are governed by ekpo Ndem Isong , a group of elders and heads of extended families. Their decisions are reinforced by the members of the Ekpo society who act as messengers of the Ikan (ancestors) and who, during their political functions, are always masked. Their ceremony Ogbom , which takes place in the middle of the year every eight days throughout eight weeks, aims to appease the god of the earth named Ala , which grants fertility and abundance of crops.
Source: " Arts of Nigeria, 5Continents; "The Other Face" ed. Adam Biro.  

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OriginPolargo USA 1955 - Mercier Belgique 1978
Height cm53
Width15 cm
Weight1.40 Kg
Estimated dating1ère halfxx°
Socle includedYes

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