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Suku Kakuungu Mask (N° 18531)

The large African suku kakuungu masks are normally accompanied by a voluminous beard and headdress in raffia. This large face with deformed features terrorized the audience. With long dangling jowls, it is divided into two contrasting tones that reinforce the indigo of the eyelids. The raffia adornment forms a shaggy hair on the face, which also has a proportionately reduced chin. Interesting patina matte abrased. Break on the upper edge, desication cracks.

The Suku and Yaka ethnic groups recognize common origins and have the same social structure as well as similar cultural practices. They can only be differentiated by their stylistic variations. The mukanda is the name given to all the rites around the initiation ceremony of young puberty, dedicating the end of childhood and shared by many communities.
The suku kakungu masks are reputed to be among the largest masks in Black Africa. Their exaggerated features, swollen and dying cheeks, massive features and prominent chin were to inspire fear to the spectators. These masks supposed to control the rain were out during the initiation rites but, once is not customary, did not participate in any dance but leapt and gesticulated. They also appeared with their female counterparts kazeba or mateemu .
Source: Insiders. Dapper Museum Editions; Giants Masks of the Congo J. Volper (ed.)  

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Originex-collection Ghisolfi
Countryrdc ex zaire
Material(s)wood, raphia
Height cm76
Width27 cm
Weight2.30 Kg
Estimated datingmid-xx°
Socle inclusOptional

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