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Dogon mask (N° 23013)

Unusual variant of the mask associated among the Dogon with the antelope. The horns folded back recall the walu, an animal linked to the Dogon cosmogony. The face surrounded by a beard offers powerful features. Abraded greasy patina.
Parallel to Islam, the Dogon religious rites are organized around four main cults: the Lébé, relating to fertility, the Wagem, ancestor worship under the authority of the patriarch, the Binou invoking the world of spirits, and the Awa mask society regarding funerals. The "dama" is a ceremony dedicated to restoring the order of things following bereavement. It was originally to protect themselves from the "nyama" (soul) of the victim that the Dogon carved a mask in the image of an animal. Guarantor of order, the mask of the Walu charges the spectators too close to the dancers. A pantomime then illustrates the legend of the mythical walu. Many villages have this mask with different meanings.  

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OriginCollection Patrick Malisse
Height cm47
Width19 cm
Weight2.50 Kg
Estimated datingmid-xx°
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