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Ijo Mask (N° 24766) Deposit sale

French African tribal art collection. The identity of the collector and the certificate from the renowned Brussels gallery where the piece was acquired will be given upon purchase.
This mask was worn horizontally on the head. He honored nature spirits at owu masquerades. Ijo masks represent creatures born of the imagination generally having a connection with aquatic life. Indeed, the Ijo-Kalabari living mainly from fishing and their small villages being located in marshy areas, their cosmogony was naturally centered around this environment. Their masks and other artistic productions are intended to honor the aquatic spirits, oro for whom sacrifices were intended. Fishermen had to be careful not to offend these spirits, otherwise they could bring down their wrath by means of the various dangerous animal species of the region, such as hippopotamuses, crocodiles or pythons. Their Igbo-Ekpeya neighbors use similar masks during egbukere masquerades. Height on base: 68 cm. Shortcomings and erosions of use. Matte patina, kaolin highlights. (Ref.: Arts of Nigeria, A.lebas, ed.5Continents)  

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OriginColl. française DR G.D.; ex. galerie bruxelles
Height cm60
Depth20 cm
Width19 cm
Weight1.66 Kg
Estimated datingcirca 1940
Socle includedYes

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