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Tsogho Mask (N° 25279) Deposit sale

African mask of the Tsogho type related to the Pové masks embodying the primordial ancestor Muhunzu. Called Nzambé-kana and Disumba among the Tsogho, it intervenes during Bwiti ceremonies for rites of passage or mourning. The successive arcs forming his features soften his physiognomy. Parallel scarifications, placed horizontally, counter balance the whole. Light patina, gray and beige highlights. Cracks and abrasions.
A matrilineal tribe close to the Pounou or Punu, the Tsogo, Mitsogo, are traditionally farmers (slash-and-burn agriculture) and renowned for their very elaborate rituals of religious practice, and particularly of initiation, notably the bwiti or the mwiri for men, and the nyembe for women. Their masks are kept at the back of the ebanza house where the initiates gather.  

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OriginCollection d'un galeriste belge
Height cm46
Width21 cm
Weight0.95 Kg
Estimated datingcirca 1960
Socle includedYes

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