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Bamileke bed (N° 14782)

Located in the border region of Nigeria, the northwestern province of Cameroon, the Grassland is made up of several ethnic groups: Tikar, Anyang, Widekum, Chamba, Bamoun and Bamileke. Several centralized chiefdoms, or kingdoms, based on customary associations, secret societies, are organized around the Fon which has broad powers. Among The Bamilékés of Sudano-Bantous origin as well as in other ethnic groups, the art objects attested to the place of their owner in society. The seats, whose ornamentation varied according to social status, were carved for routine use or for meetings of the Customary Societies. Each of the Cameroonian kingdoms produces an art linked to the royal prestige of the Fon consisting of regal, various weapons and cult sculptures, this treasure being kept in a box for this purpose. (The Bamiléké, R. Lecoq) This long, narrow piece with a hollowed-out interior has carved flanks of stylized patterns depicting spiders and saurians. The Fon set foot on this piece of ceremonial furniture when he sat on his throne. Glossy-used skate.  

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Origincollection Saverio
Height cm30
Width187 cm
Weight26.00 Kg
Estimated dating2e quart xxe

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