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Double Kuba neck support (N° 15032)

Original design, reserved for a couple according to some, this neck rest stands out thanks to its curved double support. The glossy supports, supported by three colonial feet emerging from a rectangular base, are engraved with geometric patterns arranged in regular triangles. This piece of furniture, widely distributed throughout the African continent, could have different uses: "dream support" preserving elaborate hairstyles, but also transportable seating, sometimes deliberately unstable in order to be able to cradle children, the base sometimes forming tablet, this utilitarian object, among some tribes of South Africa, became an object of seduction offered to the future wife.
Smooth, dark patina. Localized erosions.
The Kuba of the Democratic Republic of Congo, established between the Sankuru and Kasai rivers, stood out for their sophisticated royal art of great variety. This creative people has provided many remarkable pieces to museums and collectors in Europe and America for a century. The Kuba are made up of eighteen groups including the dominant Bushoongs who were in the 16th century the origin of the Kuba kingdom ruled by The Nyim King.  

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Tribal art - Double Kuba neck support
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