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Malinke Seats (N° 22971)

These models of prestigious seats, robust, very elaborate, and decorated with refinement, were intended for chefs. This type of high chairs collected in Guinea were indeed reserved for sofas, warrior dignitaries who fought alongside Samory Touré. The Malinke have spread from Senegal to Guinea Bissau, northern Sierra Leone, Liberia and northwestern Côte d'Ivoire. Under their influence, the Toma or Loma of Guinea carved similar seats. It is rare to be able to present them in pairs. Decorative motifs, chiseled in sheets of copper and tin, adorn the elements of the seats. Everything is in excellent condition, except for one of the carved figurines referring to the ancestors, missing on the front of one of them. Few desication cracks. Ref. : "Seats of Black Africa" ed.5Continents (p.82 and 83)  

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OriginCollection française Prodhomme
Material(s)wood, étain
Height cm86
Depth60 cm
Width80 cm
Weight30.00 Kg

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