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Tikar prestige bronze seat (N° 17736)

Designed to enhance its owner, the African chair forms an element of furniture designed to inform the social origin of its owner. Its middle part is therefore often adorned with anthropomorphic or zoomorphic figures in relation to the founding myths and beliefs of the ethnic group. A ring forms here the base on which five long-formed caryatid figures, perched on heads, support the circular seat with their raised arms. The latter is painstakingly engraved with regular concentric motifs and broken lines, including curries symbolizing wealth and fertility. The characters with the filiform body present a voluminous head typical of Cameroonian statuary.
The Tikars inhabit the western part of central Cameroon which lies within the medium-altitude secondary dense forest along the Mbam. Within this ecotone, the 'tikar plaine' (which takes its name from its current occupants) is a depression that flows west and north respectively to the Mbam massif (and its tributaries Mapé and Kim) and the first foothills of the Adamaoua plateau. It extends to the east and south over a long drainage area of the main rivers in the centre of the country (Djerem, Sanaga, Bénoué). From an ethnic point of view, the current boundaries of the country Tikar coincide with those of the Bamun to the west (Foumban), Mambila to the northwest, Foulbé to the south, Babuté to the southeast (Yoko) and small individual groups (Djenti, etc.) scattered on its borders.  

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Originex-collection allemande
Material(s)bronze africain
Height cm42
Width31 cm
Weight9.10 Kg
Estimated datingmid-xx°

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