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Nyamwezi zither guitar (N° 19627)

Traditional musical instruments in African art.
The hollowed out bust of this anthropomorphic figure is the sound box of a cordophone. The pupils of the figure are pierced, round beads were frequently inserted into them. Dark oily patina, mahogany highlights.
The Nyamwezi , Nyamezi ,("the people of the west" and sometimes "the people of the moon") form the largest group among the tribes living in north-central Tanzania. Coming from diverse origins, although sharing similar cultural specificities, their ritual and artistic production consequently presents very different formal aspects. The cult of ancestors and chiefs, of major importance within their culture, has imprinted their statuary. The Sukuma and the Nyamézi have produced statues represented in a static position, some of which, with their filiform limbs, evoke the artistic creations of Alberto Giacometti. The masks of the region,meanwhile, have sketchy features and a gaping mouth with teeth.  

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