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Ewé ritual fetish (N° 17649)

African art and tribal cult vodun the ewe and fon
sking sculpture depicting a woman standing, arms without hands glued to the bust, is draped up to the bust of a colorful cotton wool. The waist and head are coated with indigo crusty pigments and kaolin residues, and clumped plant fibers. An opening at the top of the head introduced the magic charge. Splashed matte patina.
As african fetishes are part of rituals according to the intentions of their owner. The fetishists, following the divination ritual of fa using palm nuts, make them to order to offer protective and medicinal virtues but also offer versions ready to use more conventional.

The Ewe, often mistaken for the Minas, are Togo's largest ethnic group. They are also found as minorities in Ghana, Benin, Côte d'Ivoire and Nigeria. According to Hélène Joubert, the cults rendered to the Yoruba gods, the orisha, and those of the gods vodou, vodun, as well as their religious structure, would be comparable in many ways. Slaves from different cultures have also exported their practices to Cuba and Brazil.Although little historical information is available about the Ewe, it seems that their settlement in their present location is the result of invasions and conflicts that erupted during the 17th century.  

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