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Fetish Boccio, Botchio, Fon (N° 18701)

This feminine figure collected at Porot Novo is devoid of ritual accessories. She springs from a fragment of wood on narrow legs. In the same axis, the bust is framed by half-bent arms that seem to be tightened on the abdomen in a protective gesture. Positioned high up, the small chest is pointed. An enigmatic face surmounts the whole. Weathered wood, granular furrowed surface of soft and satiny texture. Blackish prints resulting from libations.
The botchio (from bo : "evil spell" in Fon, and tchio , "corpse") erected at the top of a pole was erected at the entrance of the village or a house in order to keep away from it any threat, physical or spiritual. Some of them took minimalist forms, barely sketched around a central trunk. The multitude of gods fon (the vodun), similar to those of the Yoruba under different names, are represented by fetishes of all shapes and forms. Their shrines are found in Togo, Dahomey, and western Nigeria. Statuettes embodying the legba , protectors of the home, are often added to them. The faithful administer daily offerings and libations to them, which are supposed to activate their power.  

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OriginCollection belge W
Height cm32
Width6 cm
Weight0.45 Kg
Estimated dating2e halfxxe
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