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Ritual statuette Songye Boanga (N° 16892)

Used as part of divinatory practices, this type of statuette-bust, here in a metal cup, in a gourd in most cases, is surrounded by small plant, mineral and animal elements. The bust is sculpted so that the object can be grasped under the arms with iron rods, just like the big fetishes. These magical sculptures are used by the Kusu, The Southern Songye and the Hemba. The face of the fetish is cut with the features of the kifwebe mask, a perforation remains on the skull, in which the tip of a horn was to be embedded.
The Songye came from the Shaba region of the DRC and settled between the Lualaba River and the Sankuru River in the middle of the savannah and forests. They are governed by the yakitengé and by local leaders. The secret society Bwadi however, counterbalances their power. Their male masks, with occult powers, were displayed in punitive and disciplinary expeditions. Their appearances remained linked to divinatory and socio-political objectives. The company kifwebe of Songye, bwadi bwa kifwebe, was originally a police force of the authority in place that acted by means of witchcraft and used ritual masks. As soon as colonization it gradually lost its influence. In the west of songye, the initiating association of bukishi used statues. The fetishists also used fetishes called boanga with magical charge attached or incorporated. (Luba, F. Neyt)

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Tribal art - Ritual statuette Songye Boanga
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