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Headrest Samburu Kenya tripod (N° 20770)

A utilitarian object of daily African life and an expression of traditional African art, this headrest or "dream support" is, for the tribes of Kenya, a pillow that preserves the elaborate headdress during sleep. It is also an object of prestige aiming at enhancing the status of its user. Among the Turkana, they are offered to the future wife as a wedding vow, and returned to the man in case of refusal. Among the Pokot, it is a gift that marks the ceremonies of passage to adulthood. The headrests often take the stylized form of an animal, livestock being of the greatest importance for the pastoral tribes of East Africa. These sculptures accompany their owner on the occasion of festivities.
Dark brown lustrous patina, marks of use.  

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Tribal art - Headrest Samburu Kenya tripod
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