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Fon terracota jar pair (N° 7712)

From the ex private collection of African Art Emile Robyn ( Brussels, Belgium ).

It's a pottery linked to the worship Mawu-Lissa, who is a creator deities in the voodoo religion. This divinity is known in the Ewe and Mina people from Togo and the Fon people from Benin in west Africa. Mawu-Lissa means " What we can't overcome " . It's also used by the Christians to designate God in the Bible or in the Christian liturgy.

It's the grandfather of Emile, Abel Robyn, that started the collection in 1850, who was transmitted over three generations. At the death of Abel in 1895, his son, Jérôme Robyn did inherited the collection which he continued to fulfil until his death in 1968.

Emile Robyn inherited from his father and also continued this magnificent collection with all the piece of art he bought from notorious art dealer, auction house or famous art collector. Lots of the pieces from this collection where shown durring shows such as " Parcours des Mondes " in Paris. Emile Robyn born in 1942, has now choosen to sold his whole collection through our gallery, La Porte Dogon.  


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OriginEx collection belge
Weight4.52 Kg
Estimated dating1er quart du xxième century

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