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Ritual cup Igbadù Ifa Yoruba (N° 18122)

African art and Yoruba statuary.
This divination cup ( igbadù or opon Igèdè) consisting of five compartments, one of which is central, is reserved for the divination cult Ifa, created by the Oyo of Nigeria and in connection with the egungun and Sango societies.
She contained the divination material of the Ifa priest, including kola nuts (ikin). Allegorical sculptures in relief around its lid and on its base are scenes that represent priests or followers of Shango, the god of thunder.
Sometains wield dance sticks, shango oshe, and fly-hunters, royal emblems, others present an offering box. The god Eshu , a deity mainly linked to communication, messenger between men and spirits and whose phallic headdress is recognizable, also appears.
From this orisha, one of the gods of the Yoruba pantheon and who might find his equivalence among the Christian Saints, depends on the protection of the house, the city and, in general, all that is conceived by Man.
T, very good condition. Grainy matte patina.
Litt. Yoruba Ed. 5Continents  

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Tribal art - Ritual cup Igbadù Ifa Yoruba
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