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Yoruba Arugba Caryatid Cup (N° 16946)

The monumental sculpture of African art from the Yoruba region.
A container with a lid, symbolizing the world, is supported by a seated female subject. Human figures, evocations of fertility, ancestors and orisa spirits, were sculpted in the round while faces adorn the cup. The different scenes refer to mythology and Yoruba gods. Matt polychrome patina, minimal cracks.
Centered on the veneration of its gods, or orisà , the Yoruba religion is based on artistic sculptures with coded messages ( aroko ). These spirits are believed to intercede with the supreme god Olodumare . The cups are intended for votive offerings, gifts for visitors, or for divination. Sculptures of this type decorated the palaces of the Yoruba country. Linear scarifications mark the faces of the characters in order not only to enhance their physical beauty, but also to identify the rank or origin of its wearer. Body markings could be permanent or temporary, such as tattoos made from the juice of insects or plants, especially for court officials or the king himself.  

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