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Baga Mask (N° 14108)

Ex-collection German African art.
The tshol also called elek consists of a half-human, half-zoomorphic figure. A very stylized bird's head, with an elongated skull, sometimes accompanied by a crocodile jaw, overcomes a long, very thin neck itself carried by a circular base ajouré.br the head is removable. Smooth satin patina, locally matted, residues of burgundy red pigments, fault on the - This is an object used by healers and whose vocation is to protect the lineage of the family that owns it. In order to reactivate the magic charge, the healer made sacrifices on the very altar where thol reigned. This type of piece was only presented on special occasions such as initiation rites, funerals and other important festivities. It was kept in a dark corner of every family home. At night, during these various events, dancers accompanied the tshol while the healer recited incantations. Despite their exodus to the coast due to pressure from the Islamic Fulbés, the people baga animist retained their tradition of masked sacred dances.  

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Originex-collection Heinzmat
Height cm65
Width25 cm
Weight2.40 Kg
Estimated datingcirca 1950

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