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Chokwe mask (N° 22243)

The prestigious African tribal art Chokwe mask, the cihongo, is danced by itinerant professionals. Always worn by dancers of royal blood, this mask embodying a spirit symbolizes power and wealth. He also intervened, sometimes, on occasion in judgments. The circular outgrowth of the chin symbolizes a chef's beard, while the upper part represents the crown. This type of chokwe mask could also be produced in Zambia in honor of chiefs. The painted motifs refer to the scales of the viper and the pangolin.
Indigenous restorations, accidents, cracks and erosions.
The masks of the Chokwe, Luda, Luvale/Lwena, Luchazi and Mbunda clans are called "makishi" (sing. likishi) in Zambia. This name comes from "kishi", a Bantu concept that evokes the manifestation of a spirit or an ancestor. These agents of social, moral and spiritual order, forming a panel of different characters, sociable, aggressive, or unpredictable, in fact embody the spirit of an illustrious ancestor (male or female), manifesting itself mainly during the rites of the mukanda, including circumcision, during which their true identity must remain hidden from the eyes of the profane. Their accessories and their behavior, depending on the case, symbolize moral values, highlight fertility, or even parody strangers.  

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OriginColl. belge Diaz Alcade
Material(s)wood, toile de raphia, metal,vannerie
Height cm73
Width67 cm
Weight2.80 Kg
Estimated dating1ère halfxx°
Socle inclusOptional

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