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Funeral Mask Inhuba Kabongo Kuba (N° 10685)

This piece has an important decorative richness, it is attached to a prestigious funeral mask Inhuba.
There are many geometric patterns in low relief. The rear edge has a rope attached with the help of punctures that kept it in place despite its volume and weight.
The tapered eyes are characteristic of Kuba.

The Kuba are the most prolific group in Western Kasai. Kuba art developed mainly around the royal person. This prestigious culture, made famous not its masks, just like the big royal masks, these are very elaborate and serve as objects of power, and currency of exchange between groups. Similarly, there are no royal statuettes and its Kasaï" velvets are also magnificent ceremonial costumes. Kuba masks find their identity during rites of passage  


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OriginCollection Putteneers
Weight2.00 Kg
Estimated datingcirca 1950
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Tribal art - Funeral Mask Inhuba Kabongo Kuba
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