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Large Luba mask (N° 17905)

Very diverse depending on the region, Luba art has been expressed through a sculpture often imbued with serenity. Essentially from the banks of the Lualaba River, areas around Lake Upemba, and eastern Rep. Democratic of Congo, this tribal art aimed to strengthen the political power of the leaders, to enhance the royalty and to remember the Luba epic. Throughout their migration, the Luba were in contact with various groups that influenced their style, including the Songye. We can indeed recognize certain songye characters, including the morphology of the eyes, on this large bleached mask whose origin remains unclear. Among the Luba, it is the initiation ceremonies that essentially allow masked demonstrations. The kaolin whose female-type mask is coated is associated with the divine, the light, the moon, but also cassava flour and ancestors. Despite the absence of streaks usually engraved on their surface, this rare copy could be a variant of the kifwebe masks that the Songye share.  

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Tribal art - Large Luba mask
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