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Ligbi/ Djimini of Dô Yangaleya mask (N° 20611)

The Ekets also carve lunar masks for agricultural festivals and funeral ceremonies of the Ekpo Society. A face stands out in low relief in the center of a disc decorated with bands of contrasting colors. The mouth fits in the triangle of the chin. A collar came to the mask, attached to the perforations of the contours.
Smooth Mate Patine
Secret societies are numerous among the Ibibio set up west of the Cross River. Without centralized government, their social organization is comparable to that of neighbouring Igbo. The cult of ancestors is under the authority of the highest-ranking members of the Ekpo. They use masks such as the idiok, linked to fallen spirits, and the mfon, representing saved souls. The statues and puppets are used by the company ekon , every seven years, through theatrical performances accompanied by music.  

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OriginCollection P. Malisse récolté in-situ 1997
Weight0.80 Kg
Estimated dating2ème halfxx°
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Tribal art - Ligbi/ Djimini of Dô Yangaleya mask
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