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Masque Epa Ekiti Yoruba (N° 17511)

The Ekiti in the eastern part of the yoruba region use polychrome hem masks illustrating the prosperity of the community. Our copy is topped by a complex superstructure, which includes: a rider associated with the deity Olomoyeye. Mother, proportionally reduced figures representing other gods of the Yoruba pantheon including Eshu/Elegba. The release of these masks, which have been painted by their owners, takes place every two years. Despite the weight of the masks, the dancers perform spectacular acrobatic demonstrations. These ceremonies are also expected to increase fertility. Good condition despite some erosions and cracks.
Soruba, more than 20 million, occupy southwestern Nigeria and the central and southeastern region of Benin under the name Nago. They are patrilineal, practice excision and circumcision. The kingdoms of Oyo and Ijebu were born following the disappearance of the civilization Ifé and are still the basis of the political structure of the Yoruba. The Oyo created two cults centered on the societies Egungun and Sango, still active, which venerated a pantheon of gods, the Orisa, through ceremonies using masks, statuettes, sceptres and supports of divination. The slave trade helped spread the beliefs York across continents.
Ref.: Yoruba Lawal; Yoruba J. Rivallain and F. Iroko, ed. Hazan.  

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Height cm103
Width35 cm
Weight8.20 Kg
Estimated datingmid-xx°

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