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Nsindi Songola Mask (N° 18231)

Mixed by marriage to the Lega, Ngengele and Zimba, the Songola or Babili, or Goa, are ruled by the elders of the lineages. They borrowed from the Luba and Songye the Luhuna institution composed of dignitaries and that of Bwami by their Lega wives. The Songolas live on hunting and fishing, they are involved in sculpture, although the objects associated with the cult of Bwami come from the Lega. Among their reduced statuary, the figures of ancestors of the Nsubi society evoke those of the Mbole, other sculptures were kept in baskets as in the Lega. The masks such as our copy were used during the initiation rites Nsindi.Sculpted in dense wood, its anthropomorphic features combine with the detail of small feline ears appearing in relief above the orbits. Uneven, partially glossy surface, dotted with kaolin residue.  

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Originex-collection Caldwell - USA
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