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Surukuw Bamana hyena mask (N° 21635)

It is through different secret societies that the Bambara initiates will acquire their knowledge, including that of the Koré, targeting the elders and during which this mask intervenes. The society of the Koré is divided into eight classes of initiates, the sixth of which is that of the hyenas, or surukuw.

The bulbous forehead is surmounted by a tubular outgrowth that symbolizes the tuft of hair removed after the animal's death. Linear carvings are still discernible on the wood with a deep glossy patina, abraded in places.
Marks of use and cracks.
This piece is estimated at the beginning of the 20th century by the Zemanek house where it was acquired.
Established in central and southern Mali, in a savannah area, the Bambara, "Bamana" or "unbelievers", as the Muslims called them, belong to the large Mande group, along with the Soninke and the Malinke. Groups of Bambara artisans nyamakala , more specifically the blacksmiths named numu , are in charge of carving ritual objects, endowed with the nyama , occult energy. Using fire and magical objects, the role of healer and diviner is also attributed to them  

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OriginColl. française Dr Voltz, ex. Zemanek
Height cm44
Width20 cm
Weight1.35 Kg
Estimated datingdébut xxe
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