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Many contemporary commentaries claim that dolls and puppets were introduced to the African continent by Catholic missions for didactic purposes. However, it is obvious that the ancestral tradition of the puppeteer show existed well before the arrival of the missions. African puppets are predominant in male shows, while dolls are used by girls and women.

Marotte Kiébé-kiébé Mbochi from Congo
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Among the peoples of the Republic of Congo, the initiation of young people ended with the revelation of the serpent god Ebongo represented in the form of a puppet head. The dances Kibe-kibe, Kebe kebe, which accompanied the ceremony reactivated the successive stages of creation. The Panther clan had a drum as an emblem. For its part, the snake's had carved heads, painted in bright colors, on sticks that the manipulator, hidden under a long robe, held his hands outstretched above his head. In homage to political figures, figures in their image were introduced. This is the representation of the 3rd President of the Republic of Congo Marien Ngouabi, born in the Kuyou region and assassinated in 1977 in Brazzaville. A former Saint-Cyrian, the figure is depicted wearing his beret with a medal ...

Puppet bust Markha Bambara Mani
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" Mani " is a diminutive meaning " small person " that describes african human-faced puppets used by Bambara and Markha during educational shows. Featuring an elegant emaciated face framed by growths and a crest depicting the braided hairstyle, this sculpture of a female bust offers a curved chest, marked with traditonal incisions, and punctuated by brass inlays. Perfect condition. Greyed brown patina.
High on a base: 63 cm.
In the religious system of Markha society, do is the most invoked and its most elaborate cult. The Markha are organized into structured and hierarchical mask societies as is found in many other ethnic groups. They have an initiation language, a means of communication in the hands of insiders. The Markha, also known as Warka , inhabit the northern ...

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