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Tribal art - African Rider:

The riders are usually made of bronze, but many of these are made of wood. Real masterpieces of art Dogon, Sao, Bamoun, Yoruba

Altar sculpture Yoruba Osé sango
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Tribal art > African Statues > Cavalier Yoruba

Glorifying an ancient deified king, a rider figure surrounded by servants forms the central subject of the scene established on a circular handle tray. This sculpture is associated with the cult sango symbolized by a double axis. The equine, rare in the region, was an attribute of prestige that was reserved for the nobility and the sovereigns. At the top, a plank connecting the heads is carved from an iguana or crocodile. . Focused on the veneration of his gods, or orisà, the religion yoruba relies on artistic sculptures with coded messages (aroko). They are designed by sculptors at the request of followers, soothsayers and their clients. These spirits are supposed to intercede with the supreme god Olodumare. Crusty patina. Cracks and abrasions.
Soruba, more than 20 million, occupy ...

Lulua rider figure
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Tribal art > African Rider > Cavalier Lulua

The primitive art of Congo.
The different types of statues Luluwa, Lulua, or Bena Lulua, present multiple scarifications, and glorify local leaders, motherhood, fertility and the female figure. This rider sports a prominent umbilical, center of the body and " object of all solicitudes" ( The power of the sacred , M. Faïk-Nzuji ) Protruding, erogenous and symbolic scarifications, checkered circles and rectangles differentiate it. It features a talisman collar in the form of a figurine, a fly-fly on the shoulder, and a shield. His sword is missing.
Desication Decisions. Chocolate satin patina.
The Lulua, or Béna Lulua from West Africa, settled in the south of the Democratic Republic of Congo. Their caste-based social structure is similar to that of the Luba. They produced ...

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Rider Sao Sokoto Putchu Guinadji
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Tribal art > African bronze > Rider Sao

In African art, Sao Sokoto-inspired works are mostly imprinted with the equestrian world. Within the ethnic group, small copies of riders usually in bronze are melted and worn like talismans, patinated and lustrous by friction. They are seen above all as a remedy to fight possession by evil spirits. The horse represents the spirit of the person who is possessed, while the genius who possesses it is symbolized by the rider.

More than an ethnic group, the Sao are a civilization that has disappeared. They were found between the 12th and 14th centuries in a geographical area stretching along the borders between Chad, Cameroon and Nigeria. This bronze, inspired by the finest Sao achievements, has a copper patina. The warriors depicted on their mounts have their heads wrapped in a ...

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