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Bamoun Rider (N° 16878)

This Bamoun rider controlling a prancing horse would represent King N'Doya in his victory over the Peuls in the 19th century. Dark brown leather dresses the shapes of the character and his frame, lighter leather covers the hooves. The king armed with a sword is dressed in a traditional costume, the Hausa having introduced clothing transformations among the Bamoun, he wears leather stirrups connected by a rigid wicker rod. The various decorative elements and materials used here form an exceptional work.
The Bamun live in a region full of wooded landforms as well as savannahs. This large territory called Grassland located in the southwest of Cameroon is also the seat of other nearby ethnic groups such as the Bamiléké and the Tikar. Bamoun art is illustrated by bas-relief sculptures, depicting fights, festivals and hunts referring to the past, which adorn the doors and walls of buildings and palace. Appeared in the 1920s, Bamoun wall art developed during the reign of Sultan Seidou, mainly in the city of Foumban . With regard to wood carving, rites preceded the felling of the selected trees. (source: Claude Tardits)  

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OriginCollection P. Malisse
Material(s)wood, textile, cuir, metal, plant fibre
Height cm75
Width64 cm
Weight6.15 Kg
Estimated datingrécolté in-situ 2001

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