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Dogon riders statue (N° 20810)

A couple of riders are riding bareback an animal of prestige for the Dogon, the horse, whose limbs are stretched and whose head is rather geometric. The human figures, probably dignitaries, are wearing braids and bracelets. Matt patina. Erosions.
The frequent representations of horsemen, among the Dogon of Mali, refer to their cosmogony and complex religious myths. Indeed, one of the Nommos , ancestors of men, resurrected by the creator god Amma, descended to earth carried on an ark metamorphosed into a horse. In addition, the highest authority of the Dogon people, the religious leader named Hogon, paraded on his mount during his enthronement because according to custom he was not to set foot on the ground. In the region of the Sangha cliffs, inaccessible by horse, the priests carried him, while neighing in reference to the mythical ancestor Nommo . Dogon smiths form an endogamous caste among the Dogon called irim. Today they produce weapons, tools,and also work with wood. "Masters of fire," they are also believed to cure burns (Huib Blom). The Dakar-Djibouti mission of 1931, led by Marcel Griaule, was charged with studying in depth the rites of this population established in the region of the Bandiagara cliffs. The Dogon would be composed of several peoples who had found refuge there following repeated droughts or invasions. This work was later supplemented by a number of eminent researchers and anthropologists.

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OriginRécolté in-situ 1997

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