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Of spiritual or strategic function, the African shield is used either to invoke spirits or during hostilities. On a wooden base are drawn the most eloquent patterns. It is very popular with collectors of African tribal art.

Paduko Shield
Tribal art > Shields > Paduko Shield

Old shield from the Paduko warriors, in English Podokwo or Podoko, in the far north of Cameroon. This rectangular shield, fitted with a handle at the back, is made up of rigid ribs of flattened rônier palms, held together by braces of bamboo stalks, all surrounded by strips of skin. Ref. : ""

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Salawaka Shield
Tribal art > Shields > Salawaka Shield

Traditional shield carved in monoxyle wood, in the shape of a long hourglass. The concave surface tapers in the center, and features a thick grip on the reverse. The wood is dyed with coloring plant and mineral decoctions and inlaid with mother-of-pearl elements. "Salawaku" means "protection", the shield symbolizes a body, and the inlaid patterns of the parts of this anatomy. The drop-shaped inlays would be associated with the eyes, the number of which is related to the enemies that the ancestors defeated. The shield can be part of the dowry and is carried in the left hand during the cakalele warrior dance or the hoyla, ceremonial wedding dance.

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Shield Tutsi
Tribal art > Shields > Shield Tutsi

Shield of elliptical and convex shape, with regular dense and neat braiding, and whose center bears a wooden protuberance.
A nomadic people, the Tutsi were particularly decimated by the Islamic slave trade and by recurrent internal wars. The groups of people called "Bantous interlacustres", established between Lake Victoria and the Limpopo River, include the Ganda, Nyoro, Nkole, Soga, Toro, Hima, and the Tutsi of Rwanda and Burundi. Their cultures have similarities, like their artistic production and their objects of daily use. The Tutsi raise cattle. They also excel in the art of weaving and basketry. Source: "Africa, the art of a continent" Ed. Prestel P.157

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Sidamo Amhara Shield
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Tribal art > Shields > Sidamo Amhara Shield

Realise in strong dark brown leather, circular in shape with concentric decoration with geometric patterns.
The central part is conical and the border is turned upside down.
The interior has a leather handle.
Excellent state of preservation, middle piece XXeth century.
Destined to tribal leaders, this type of shield was worn during ceremonies.
The Amhara people are ethiopia's second largest population.
The Amhara region is one of nine regions of Ethiopia that stretches over the ancient provinces of Begemder, Godjam and encompasses part of the ancient province of Wollo.

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