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Bwa / Bwo Tominian carved figure (N° 20538)

The African art sculptures of the Bobo , Bwa ("Red Bobo") , Kurumba and Mossi, frequently take up and combine stylized elements borrowed from humans, animals or even insects.
It is the spirits of nature that are supposed to determine the well-being and prosperity of an individual, and adversity will be considered as the result of neglect of collective rites.
This is a representation of a masked dancer embodying the Do spirit, dressed in his leaf costume and a crest mask with a horseman motif. This figure plays the role of mediator between men and their creator god Wuro. This sculpture comes from the village of Tominian in Mali. Matt patina, cracks and abrasions. The Bwa live in the west of Burkina Faso, extending into Mali, and are surrounded to the east by the Marka Dafing and to the west by the Bobo. The Bobo and Bwa are related ethnic groups. Bwa village communities are made up of three castes: farmers, blacksmiths, and griots. The blacksmith has a pivotal function. Indeed, while he masters the art of blacksmithing and woodcarving, he also has a ritual function close to the earth: he digs wells and buries the dead. He is also responsible for the act of circumcision. The importance of his ritual responsibilities and his social position comes from the fact that the Bwa worship Do, son of the creator god, incarnation of nature in its wild state.  

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OriginRécolté in-situ en 1999
Height cm102
Depth18 cm
Width18 cm
Weight5.45 Kg
Estimated datingmid-xx°

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