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Chokwe Statue (N° 13352)

Singularity of the works of African tribal art Chokwe
This tribal statue glorifies the founding hero of the ethnic group, the ancestor Chibinda Ilunga, a skilled hunter, wearing a majestic headdress and sitting on a prestigious stool reserved for notables. The headdresses were made of various materials, more precisely a wicker frame covered with fabric, brass, leather, pearls. In one of his hands is represented an antelope horn in which were inserted magical substances. The repeated application of castor oil and coloring vegetable decoctions once gave the objects a brown patina. (B. Wastiau) Desiccation cracks. Peacefully settled in eastern Angola until the 16th century, the Chokwé were then subjected to the Lunda empire from which they inherited a new hierarchical system and the sacredness of power. Nevertheless, the Chokwé never fully adopted these new social and political contributions. Three centuries later, the Chokwé eventually seized the capital of the Lunda weakened by internal conflicts, thus contributing to the dismantling of the kingdom. The Chokwé did not have centralized power but large chieftaincies. They were the ones that attracted artists who wanted to put their know-how at the exclusive service of the court. The artists created so many varied pieces of such quality that the Lunda court employed only them.  

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Originex-collection Devrindt
Material(s)wood, metal
Height cm67
Width15 cm
Weight2.70 Kg
Estimated datingcirca 1960

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