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Figure of deity Alusi Igbo (N° 16775)

Intended to be honored in the obu (Sing.: obi), the men's houses of the Cross River, this statue is capped with a thick cylindrical crest whose tip is bent forward. The polychrome face is worn by a massive high neck. This figure, which balances soft curves, is not only a matter of the world of the deceased, but also evokes the beauty of youth; however, the body does not have the body motifs named " uli ". This female effigy from the south-east of the country Igbo embodying a tutelary deity, intermediate between men and the god named Chukwu , is represented headally, the tip of the fingers in contact with the abdomen.
The Ibibios (whose Eket) also live in southeastern Nigeria, the front of their masks is often shared by an ridge. The initiates of their society of soothsayers Idiong wear, during rituals, collars of dog or feline teeth. The proximity of the groups established around the Cross River may therefore have inspired the details of this sculpture.
The crusty, ochre surface has blackish drippings. The feet are missing. Slight cracks. High-quality piece.
The Igbo culture has its origins in the mythology of the Nri Kingdom of Nigeria, according to which the gods brought to believers palm oil, cassava, and yam-based remedies. These effigies often show symbolic objects, including a mirror in relation to divination. This statue, on the other hand, is simply depicted with his hands placed on his abdomen in reference to fertility and fertility.  

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Tribal art - Figure of deity Alusi Igbo
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