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Figure of deity Urhobo (N° 18459)

Male figure depicted seated, embodying an edjo. The statue has great similarities to the igbo sculpture, but stands out for its deep vertical facial scarifications. Yellow patina, matte and grainy, dark highlights. Damaged base.
Urhobos, living near the northwest of the Niger Delta River, are the main ethnic group in The Delta State among the 36 states of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. They speak Urhobo, a language of the Niger-Congo group. Together with the Isoko, whose art is close, they are collectively known as Sobo. Their large sculptures depicting the spirits of nature, edjo, or the founding ancestors of the clan, to whom sacrifices were offered, were grouped in shrines within the villages. They also produce figures similar to the ikenga of igbo called iphri , ivwri , of half-animal form half-human. They personify male aggression and are intended for warriors and notables. However, after consultation with the soothsayer, young children can also wear miniature iphri in the form of geometric amulets, attached to the neck.  

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Tribal art - Figure of deity Urhobo
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