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Head Hemba Singiti (N° 19786)

Carved by the bwana mutombo this head, a fragment of a singiti statue, offers delicately carved features highlighted by chevrons depicting a fine beard collar. Usually made of iroko, these objects were revered by a particular clan and stored in burial quarters in the chief's house. Abraded light brown patina. Erosions. br> Height on base: 38 cm.
The Hemba have long been subject to the neighboring Luba Empire, which has had a definite influence on their culture, religion and art. Ancestor worship is central to Hemba society. Genealogy guarantees privileges and the distribution of land. All aspects of the community are permeated by the authority of the ancestors. For example, the ancestors are considered to have influence over justice, medicine, law and sacrifice. Skilled in carving, the Hemba produced mostly statues of ancestors singiti , embodying chiefs, local warriors, or lineage ancestors whom they venerate in order to appease the spirits mizimus . A wide variety of ritual objects, fetishes, simian masks, calabashes, and others of daily use have made their fame.  

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