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Igbo statue (N° 14049)

Ex-collection English African art.
Classically capped with a cylindrical headdress, some with multiple horns, or intricate geometric elements, this type of African statues features a character with attributes such as jewelry and scarifications "ichiU 0022. In this case it is a warrior, pictured sitting, the heads of enemies in trophies.
Mate polychrome patina, crusty agglomerates. The Igbo are based in the southern Niger Delta region of Nigeria. The Ikenga is a personal altar symbolizing personal achievement and success (okpossi), the representation of his tutelary spirit (chi, vital energy), as well as the recipient of sacrifices offered periodically or prior to commitment to important action (most often to ifejioku, yam deity, or to ale, goddess of the earth). In addition, ike , the "puissance", refers to the force that the right hand exerts in the effort. Closely linked to a secret society of warriors, it is also the expression of personal determination (ivri).

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Originex-collection anglaise
Material(s)wood, plant fibre
Height cm90
Width30 cm
Weight9.10 Kg

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