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Kaniok Fetish (N° 18157)

Similar to the protective fetishes of Songye and Kasai Luba, this partially desecrated anthropomorphic figure contains magical or therapeutic ingredients inserted into the horns of the head cavities. It is therefore a type object nkisi (pl. mankisi). The dark speckled patina is brightened by the presence of multicolored glass beads, giving a special character to the statuette. Cracks, abrasions.
Live east of the Luba kingdom on the banks of the Mbujimayi River, and having adopted part of the Luba culture, the Kanyok , Kanioc, or Bena Kanioka, have created prestigious objects, water pipes, neck presses, sticks, and stools, and are best known for statuettes represented in different postures, made of dark wood and wearing bun hairstyles. According to the Kanyok religion, the human being consists of three sets: body, soul and spirit. They believe in a supreme being named Tang a Ngoy.The initiation of young people understood, in addition to circumcision, the image of teeth.  

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Originex-collection espagnole
Countryrdc ex zaire
Material(s)wood, metal, perles, plant fibre
Height cm29
Width7 cm
Weight0.40 Kg
Estimated datingmid-xx°

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