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Lukasa Luba mnemonic board (N° 16823)

Slightly curved plateau topped by a miniature protective figure supposed to embody an ancestor communicating with the guardian spirits, "mvidye", intermediate between the spiritual world and individuals, and also able to embody the spirits of nature among the Luba of Kasai. The motifs engraved on the tray are linked to a mnemonic proverb or code associated with the myths, origins and precepts of Luba royalty. This object allowed followers of the Mbudye to transmit during codified rituals, through stories and songs, the genealogy of the founding heroes, the history of the clan's migrations, etc.
Light Brown Velvety Matte. Height on pedestal: 45 cm
Shest the Luba, the king, mulopwe, occupied the highest place of a complex command system. He partially delegated his powers to local lineage leaders or secondary leaders, whom he appointed himself. Like the king, these chiefs used symbols of authority strongly similar to those of the king and bestowed upon them by the king. These symbols include command sticks, cariatid stools, arrow holders and divination bowls. The dignitaries used them to justify and strengthen their social position. Among our sources: "Luba", F. Neyt; "Sors of Africa, 0022 Museum of Tervuren.  

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Originex-collection privée belge
Countryrdc ex zaire
Height cm33
Width13 cm
Weight0.30 Kg
Estimated datingmid-xx°
Socle includedYes

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