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Makonde tatue (N° 19302)

Ex-collection African tribal art American.
.Figure adorned with jewels, in dance position, bust stretched forward, arms free of the body and legs half bent. The broad face presents the traditional deformation of the lips due to the labret. Tattoos on the face were traced with beeswax, and scarified patterns were also printed for aesthetic purposes. This statue symbolizing an ancestor refers to the creation, according to which the first makonde man carved a female image that became the mother of his children and has been venerated ever since. Semi-matt patina, cracks of desiccation and missing on one /> The Makonde, a matrilineal Bantu population from northern Mozambique and southern Tanzania, wore masks called lipiko, mapiko , during initiation ceremonies for young people. The Makonde venerate an ancestor, which explains the abundance of relatively naturalist female statuary. In addition to facial masks, the Makonde also produce body masks depicting the female bust, exalting fertility.  

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OriginEx-collection E. Caldwell - USA
Material(s)wood, metal, human hairs
Height cm65
Width19 cm
Weight3.55 Kg
Estimated datingmid-xx°

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