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Statue ritual Lumbu Nzighu (N° 13424)

Ex-collection French tribal art.
Art African and the masterpieces of the statuary LumbuCeette sculpture embodies the monkey named nzighu , nziku, whose vigour is expressed by the stylization of the aggressive attitude of the figures of the Mayombé region represented standing, hands on hips, camped on their legs. The body is reduced to a truncated bust supported by two semi-flexed legs. The feet disappear into a circular base with gnawed outlines. The polychrome hues consist of a white coating (kaolin), the color of peace, referring to the Genius Bunzi whose chimpanzee is said to be the brother (Luc De Heusch); red is derived from tukula bark, associated with elements such as fire, blood, and flesh. Blue pigments symbolize water and the realm of spirits and geniuses. The psychic gaze, illustrated by black pupils behind shards of glass, links this type of statuary to nkisi of Kongo productions. Flaky velvety patina.
The Punu are a Bantu people from Central Africa based mainly in southern Gabon, also in the Republic of Congo in the Niari region. They live in independent villages divided into clans and families. Social cohesion is ensured by the Moukouji society, whose essential role is to subjugate the evil spirits of the forest. Within the same group called Shira , the Lumbu, Loumbu, Balumbu, settled on the coastal part of Gabon, and in the Republic of Congo, keep the bones of their ancestors in reliquary baskets decorated with statuettes and other prestigious objects.  

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Originex-collection française
Height cm75
Width38 cm
Weight5.75 Kg
Estimated datingcirca 1960

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