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Statuette Ewe (N° 14690)

A Togolese version of the Ibedji fetish statuettes of Nigeria's Yoruba, the female figure carved from light wood features rounded volumes and an ovoid face with protruding eyes. The arms with digitized butns are spread from the bust, and the feet, one of which is missing, are blackened. Honey glossy patina.Ex. collection of the painter 'a href'U'0022" Karl Heinz Engstfeld and 'a target' _blank' href' Ruth Engstfeld-Schremper , glazier artist. The Ewe consider the birth of twins called Venavi (or Venovi) as a happy omen. They must be treated equally and fairly. For example, both will be fed and washed at the same time and will wear the same clothes until puberty.
If one of the twins dies, the parents obtain a statuette to replace the deceased child and turn to a fetishist to activate its magical virtues.
She will be of the same sex as the child she represents and replaces but plans into the future that the child will not have known by sporting adult traits.
Source: "Isn't she a doll? E.L. Cameron

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Originex-collection allemande
Height cm22
Width8 cm
Weight0.17 Kg
Estimated datingcirca 1950
Socle includedYes

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