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Yoruba divination tray Onigunmerin (N° 18288)

Support of the ritualist named babalawo (or Babalao, or Babaal-wo, pronounced Baba-a-l'wo), priest of Ifa, in the Yoruba language, these trays exist in three forms. They are intended for ifa, a system of divination that represents the teachings of the orisha Orunmila, orisha of Wisdom. The babalawo claim to be securing the future through their communication with Orunmila. In Yoruba thought in Nigeria, orishas form a variety of divine spirits controlling natural forces. They are found mainly in Yoruba cosmogony but more widely in East West Africa in the diasporas of Central and South America. This tablet was used in Abomey, among the Yorubas of Benin.The center of the plateau, aarin opon , forms a picture in which the dust of wood allows the priest-soothsayer to trace the solutions to his client's problem. On the outer frieze appears the face of Esu/Elegba divine messenger. During the divination process, in order to summon the orishas and accompany his songs, the soothsayer hammers the tray with a rattle carved in wood or ivory (iroké). Abrasions of use. Height on a base: 32 cm.

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Tribal art - Yoruba divination tray Onigunmerin
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