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Gan bronze maternity figurine (N° 18917)

Protective metal fetish, melted by the gan blacksmith using the lost wax technique. It is an individual statuette embodying the spirit of the "genies" and kept on oneself permanently. Old patina of use, grainy. Neighboring people of the Lobi in southwestern Burkina Faso, the Gan or Kaa (Kaaba pl.), form a "relic people" according to Madeleine Père, living within a wooded savanna. Their king "Gan Massa" is elected by the notables from different villages. Hypotheses diverge as to their origins. According to some, they could be of Akan origin, coming from Ghana, the Koulango and the Lhoron having preceded them in the region.

Ref : "Bronzes Gan" Maine Durieu, ed. Sepia  

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OriginEx-Collection belge J.P.L
EthnyGan ou Kaa
Countryburkina faso
Weight0.15 Kg
Estimated datingdébut xxe
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Tribal art - Gan bronze maternity figurine
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