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The post has a function of use but also educational: decorated, they represent either the hierarchy of an ethnic group or its cosmogony.

Pillar of Toguna Dogon
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Tribal art > Posts, Dogon, Lobi, Sogho, Oron, Toguna > Dogon Pillar

Post for supporting a toguna hut, a Dogon architectural element made of hard, dense and heavy wood, with a patina of use.
The fork is wide open, a female figure and a lizard are carved in high relief.
The base is badly eroded where it was deeply embedded in the ground.
The toguna ("men's shelter") is the place where the men meet to discuss village affairs; it is also a community place where the word of the elders is the law. There may be a central toguna in the village, but also other small secondary toguna in the neighborhood. This open shelter is generally made up of eight pillars that support beams, themselves covered with eight layers of straw tied into bundles. These eight levels, as well as the eight pillars, refer to the eight ancestral nommo at the origin of ...

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Mambila door frame posts
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Tribal art > Posts, Dogon, Lobi, Sogho, Oron, Toguna > Mambila Posts

The court art of the chiefdoms of north-west Cameroon is illustrated by prestigious objects such as thrones, statues, beds, ceremonial pipes, box poles.... The style of these sculpted frames is representative of the productions of the peripheral groups, in this case the Mambila. The stylized anthropomorphic, almost geometric motifs are repeated vertically and make up a symbolic language known to the initiates of secret societies abounding throughout the region.
Despite their small number, the thirty thousand Mambila (or Mambilla, Mambere, Nor, Torbi, Lagubi, Tagbo, Tongbo, Bang, Ble, Juli, Bea) (the men, in fulani), installed in the north-west of Cameroon, have created a large number of masks and statues easily identifiable by their heart-shaped faces. Although the Mambila believe ...

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