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Chokwe statue (N° 22468)

Sculpted with mastery, this work glorifies the ancestor and mythical hero founder of the ethnic group, Chibinda Ilunga. The chief, with oversized palms and feet, has an impressive noble headdress. Easily recognizable thanks to this ample headdress with curved side fins (cipenya-mutwe), a wicker frame covered with fabric, brass, leather, and beads, he had taught his people the art of hunting.
The dignitaries presented themselves cross-legged in a suit, which is confirmed by an African proverb: "The elder sitting cross-legged wishes to be greeted with respect" By alluding to the circle of his crossed legs, the chief conveys the blessings of a full orbit life." ("The Kongo gesture", ed. Dapper Museum)
The leader claps his hands as a sign of welcome and to signify his interest in a subject of importance.
The repeated application of castor oil and coloring plant decoctions gave the sculpture a smooth, satiny patina.


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OriginCollection Patrick Malisse
Height cm36
Width17 cm
Weight1.65 Kg
Estimated datingcirca 1950

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