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Keaka statue (N° 23379)

Sculpture of great sobriety and yet of great expressive force, it depicts a male being whose narrow bust gradually widens towards bowed legs. Thick forearms surround the umbilicus. The sketchy head is simply notched. This type of statue was used during funeral and initiation rites. Nuanced ritual patina, erosions.

The Kaka ethnic group, or Keaka, so named by the German settlers, is located in a border area between Nigeria and Cameroon. Their statuary shows a certain influence from other ethnic groups such as the Mumuye, whose statues also have short, bent legs surmounted by a slender body. Their very thick and crusty patina, their wide feet as well as the wide open mouth are however typical features allowing them to be distinguished from neighboring ethnic groups.  

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OriginCollection Patrick Malisse
Height cm40
Width9 cm
Weight1.01 Kg
Estimated dating1ère halfxx°
Socle includedYes

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