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Nuna Sculpture (N° 23760) Deposit sale

Support for a traditional cult, this two-headed sculpture that was placed on an altar consists of reclining bust figures. The abdomen that connects them is pierced with a thick metal peg. This accessory could represent the umbilicus associated with the lineage.
Old, velvety patina, desiccation cracks, thin blackish residual film.
Named Gurunsi, Gourundi, by their Mossi neighbors, the groups living to the west and south of the Mossi plateau, Lela, Winiama, Nuna and Nunuma are the main mask carvers. Religiously, the Gurunsi believe in a superior being, Yi, who withdrew from the world after creating it and whose altar occupies the center of the village. Yi has sent, to represent him, the spirit Su, embodied in all the masks and honored by an altar which can be replaced by a statue.  


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OriginCollection française G.
Countryburkina faso
Material(s)wood, fer
Height cm18
Depth49 cm
Width18 cm
Weight2.50 Kg
Estimated dating1ère halfxx°

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