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Statue Alusi (N° 17126)

Facial scarifications ichi indicate that this igbo sculpture depicts a titled man, wearing a crest in the shape of a volatile. He is depicted head-on on a bench, sitting straight back in a determined attitude. Two-coloured crusty patina, red ochre crehauts on the face.
Seeional body marks, tattoos and scarifications indicated the grade achieved in the initiation society. This effigy, embodying a tutelary deity, intermediate between men and the god named Chukwu was destined to be placed in the obu (Sing.: obi), houses of the men of the Cross River. . The culture Igbo originates from the mythology of the Kingdom Nri of Nigeria, according to which the gods brought to believers palm oil, cassava, and yam-based remedies. These effigies often show symbolic objects, including a mirror in relation to divination. This statue, on the other hand, is depicted with hands ready to receive ritual offerings and sacrifices ensuring community prosperity, fertility, and abundant harvests. Crusty and flaky patina. One hand has been restored.  

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Originex-collection monégasque
Material(s)wood, plumes
Height cm49
Width18 cm
Weight3.30 Kg
Estimated datingmid-xx°

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